Omnidots provides services that can measure vibrations for a variety of reasons. Vibrations caused by building work and the construction of infrastructures as well as vibrations caused by passing trains.

Vibration disturbance

Vibration disturbance

Vibration damage

Vibration damage


Honeycomb is the Omnidots web platform, on which measurements are collected and processed into insightful data. The results of the measurements can be accessed via Honeycomb with a computer, tablet, or telephone, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Honeycomb offers different modules in which the measurement data has been converted into graphs and can be processed into reports.


Measurements in accordance with standards

Vibrations measured by Swarm are tested against DIN4150 standards and Dutch SBR standards. These standards are available for guidance when measuring and assessing damages and inconvenience caused by vibrations. And with one glance at Honeycomb, you can determine whether the vibrations remain within set standards.

A swarm of vibration meters

Multiple measurement points can be monitored within Honeycomb. A large number of Swarms can be used to take measurements within one project. This unique concept makes it possible to measure the impact of sources of vibration on objects located in the area around this source.


The map shows you where you have installed Swarms.

24/7 consultations, from anywhere

You can consult your measurement data with a computer, tablet, or smartphone, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


One overview for all events and control over which notifications you do and do not want to receive.

Exporting measurement date

Measurement data in Honeycomb can be exported in CSV or Excel format.

Rent a Swarm vibration meter